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For over 30 years, Alfred Roseroot, DMD, has provided exceptional and comprehensive dental care at his state-of-the-art practice, Roseroot Dental, in Des Plaines, Illinois. The location makes it easy for patients in surrounding areas to receive care. Dr. Roseroot sees patients from the neighboring communities of Mt. Prospect, Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Niles, Park Ridge, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Skokie, Northbrook, Evanston, and Chicago.

The dental team at Roseroot Dental is committed to providing mercury-free, minimally invasive, and conservative care to maintain their patient's optimal health and preserve their natural teeth. They're continually investing in new and advanced technologies and offer increasingly broader ranges of care. Roseroot Dental's services include dental bonding, dental cleaning, dental implants, Invisalign®, periodontal treatments, root canal treatments, veneers, and permanent whitening.

Reasons I have been a Mercury-Free dentist for over 30 years!

  • Amalgams or so-called silver fillings are actually 50% mercury usually combined with copper, zinc, tin and a small amount of elemental silver.
  • Mercury has no place in our bodies..No RDA!
  • Like in a thermometer, these “mercury fillings” expand and contract when exposed to hot and cold resulting in daily stress to the surrounding walls of teeth. Cracks are common and often lead to sensitive teeth and outright fractures. Thus necessitates more dentistry such as root canals and crowns.
  • Amalgams require more tooth reduction to be placed which means a more likely need for numbing the mouth. Being minimally invasive is always better! Composite resins are far more conservative.
  • Amalgams need maintenance ultimately and complete removal. Composites typically can simply be resurfaced. This is far “friendlier!”
  • Amalgams are metallic and conduct temperature making tooth sensitivity more likely. Composites are non-metallic and are more comfortable.
  • Amalgams are ugly and get darker and even worse looking as they age.

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The caring and professional staff at Roseroot Dental makes patients' comfort their top priority. The practice makes scheduling easy, providing appointments in the morning, early evening, and on Saturdays, so patients don't have to miss school or work to get excellent dental care. They also strive to make their care as affordable as possible, offering flexible payment plans, in-office dental procedures, and help with dental insurance to maximize benefits.

The Roseroot Dental office is designed to make patients feel as relaxed as possible. Soothing music, beautiful murals, and handmade artistry create a serene ambiance that leaves even the most anxious patients at ease. Schedule your visit today by calling the office or booking an appointment online.

Alfred Roseroot, DMD

Alfred Roseroot, DMD, is a dedicated dentist who works to give his patients beautiful and healthy smiles at Roseroot Dental. His state-of-the-art practice is conveniently located in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Dr. Roseroot is a Chicago native and grew up in West Rogers Park. He graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. He then went on to earn his Doctor of Dental Medicine from the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. After he graduated from dental school, Dr. Roseroot returned to Chicago and eventually established his practice in Des Plaines.

In his practice, Dr. Roseroot has a reputation for his incredible skill set, personable chairside manner, and compassionate approach to dental care. He’s grateful for his patients and is consistently fulfilled by the opportunity to bolster their oral health and facilitate stunning smiles. He enjoys forming personal relationships with his patients and providing custom-tailored care that leaves them free from dental worries.


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Lorelei Grisé, DDS

Dr. Lorelei Grise’ was born and raised in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. She did her undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She went on to receive her Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from Loyola University of Chicago in Maywood, Illinois in 1991. She continued her education at Loyola and received a specialty dental degree in Periodontics in 1993.

Dr. Grise is a licensed periodontist in Illinois and Wisconsin.

She stays active in the community and volunteers regularly at the CDS Foundation clinic in Wheaton, Illinois. She also loves to help children and works at a Medicaid clinic in Milwaukee regularly, helping children with their dental needs.

Dr. Grise’ is a member of the American Dental Association, Illinois Dental Society, Chicago Dental Society, and the American Academy of Periodontics. Dr. Grise grew up assisting her uncle who was a periodontist and knew one day she too would love to improve people’s smiles and follow in her uncle’s footsteps. She is a very conservative periodontist and practices a very “down to earth” approach in all her periodontal services.

Her services include consultations, non-surgical periodontal care, gum surgery, extractions, bone grafts, tissue grafts, biopsies, implants and much more. Dr.Grise is a Periodontist and has received specialty training in periodontics and implantology. She has been practicing for almost 30 years now. In her spare time, Dr. Grise’ enjoys traveling with her husband of 17 years and her two teenage daughters. She also enjoys reading and taking exercise classes at the gym.


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