How to Choose the Best Cosmetic Dentistry – best cosmetic dentistry in Des Plaines IL

September 7, 2021
When it comes to reviving and preserving your smile, it is very important to select the right cosmetic dentist for you. There are different dentists specialized in various fields, and choosing the right dentist can determine whether you live with a beautiful smile or not. The role of your cosmetic dentist is to recommend and offer a series of treatment options for your dental concerns. If you are on the look for the right cosmetic

I love being a dentist more each day… after 44 years in practice

January 26, 2021
44 years in practice and loving dentistry more each day! I am truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful profession, fulfilling in countless ways… Helping people be free of physical and psychological discomfort stemming from mouth difficulties Doing my utmost to make the dental experience as stress-free and pleasant as humanly possible. If I can help patients overcome anxieties about dentistry, I am grateful. Appreciating the strong human connections formed over decades, in
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