Different Types of Dental Crowns with Cost in USA – 2022

Esthetics have been an essential aspect by which people view every single thing. That’s why they search for aesthetics in every single thing they come across. So how can someone ignore aesthetics when it comes to their teeth? This is when the role of crowns comes into play. They not only restore the lost aesthetics but also help restore normal tooth function.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are cap-like structures that cover a tooth. They are a kind of restoration that one needs when there is gross decay in a tooth. A dentist may place the crown over a specific area using dental cement. There is a wide range of materials that form Dental Crowns Des Plaines, such as Metals, porcelain, etc. There are cases where normal restoration will work just fine. You will not need the placement of a crown.

Indications for getting a dental crown

When will you or your dentist decide that they may need to put up a dental crown over your tooth? Some indications may help you determine whether you need a dental crown or simple treatment may work for you.
The indications that your dentist may notice are:

  1. Large restoration
    When the tooth structure is grossly decayed, and there is a need to place an extensive restoration, your dentist may advise you to get a dental crown. Putting up a restorative material will not support the entire tooth structure.
  2. Worn out dentition
    A worn-out tooth may have an irregular sharp surface. Your teeth may be worn-out due to bruxism, hard brushing, drinking carbonated beverages, etc. To replace the damage caused by these habits, one may need a dental crown. Your dentist may also advise you to use a splint to manage these abnormal habits.
  3. Aesthetics
    These days people are becoming more aware of aesthetics. They may approach a dentist if their teeth look bad or out of shape or color. Teeth may develop yellow, grey, or brown patches, which may not look aesthetically pleasing. Veneers or crowns are the best options for treating these aesthetic issues.
  4. Tooth fracture
    If you suffered trauma or an accident and fractured your teeth, you may have to get a crown placed. If the fracture is small and superficial, it may be treated with normal restoration. However, a deeper fracture may require proper treatment and the placement of a dental crown.

Types of dental crowns in the USA

There are different types of crowns available for usage. They may be classified according to the material used during their formation. Let’s understand a few types of crown in detail.

  1. Gold crowns
    Gold crowns are preferred by those who can spend a lot of money. A gold crown is steady, requires significantly less removal of tooth structure and lasts for really long. Another advantage of using gold is that it will not corrode the opposite tooth structures, unlike other hard materials.

    The only thing one needs to be concerned about is the cost. Gold is expensive, and hence getting a gold crown may be a pain for your pocket.

    Apart from that, aesthetics is another cause of concern. Since gold does not resemble your tooth structure, you may compromise your aesthetics while getting a gold crown placed.

    Cost: $1000-1500. It may vary according to the size of the crown needed.
  2. Zirconia crowns
    Zirconia crowns are the new trendy restorative crowns. They are a type of porcelain. One can more precisely say that zirconia crowns are zirconia oxide that has better properties as compared to porcelain crowns. They prevent the wear and tear of the opposite tooth.

    The stress that zirconia crowns cause on the opposing tooth is also significantly less. Hence, zirconia crowns are currently the material of choice for building dental crowns.

    Dentists have the option of selecting between framework zirconia and full-contour zirconia. Out of the two, framework zirconia is the better option for forming anterior and posterior bridges.

    Cost: $1200-$2500. The price may also vary according to your geographical location.
  3. Porcelain crowns
    Porcelain crowns are suitable for your anterior as well as posterior tooth restoration. Since the color of a porcelain crown is similar to the natural tooth structure, it is preferred for anterior tooth restorations. Two types of porcelain crowns are mainly available. These are all-ceramics and all-porcelain crowns. Porcelain crowns are also best for people who have metal allergies. Porcelain crowns are biocompatible and hence the best option.

    Cost: $800-$3000 per tooth. The price may also vary as per the location and additional requirements, such as a crown lengthening procedure.
  4. PFM crowns (Porcelain fused to metal)
    As the name suggests, porcelain fused to a metal crown has a base of metal over which porcelain is placed. A PFM crown is used in case of grossly decayed and damaged teeth. Porcelain fused to metal crowns is the most affordable and aesthetic crown restoration. Another advantage of a PFM crown is that it is durable and matches the standard tooth color. Therefore, getting a PFM crown solves your aesthetic as well as functional complaints.

    Cost: $500-$1500 which makes it the most affordable dental crown.
  5. E-Max crown
    The latest development in the field of Dental Crowns Des Plaines is the E-Max crown. It is the most expensive of all and offers better facilities than the rest. It is more durable and tough as compared to a zirconia crown. There is also little or no risk of chipping off an E-Max crown. The main components that form an E-Max crown are desilicated ceramic and lithium.

    Cost: $1100-$1600


You may need a crown for your tooth when the tooth has been damaged due to chemical, physical, or pathological reasons. There are a variety of options available for you. You can select the one that suits your requirements and fits your budget. You may compare the quality and cost of each of these dental crowns and then choose the one that you find the best.

You can search for Dental Crowns Des Plaines, to get the best service for your teeth. While getting a crown fixed from any place, you need to keep the aesthetics of your oral cavity in mind. With advancements, more crowns will be available, which may have even better features than the ones mentioned above.

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