I love being a dentist more each day… after 44 years in practice

44 years in practice and loving dentistry more each day! I am truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful profession, fulfilling in countless ways…

  • Helping people be free of physical and psychological discomfort stemming from mouth difficulties
  • Doing my utmost to make the dental experience as stress-free and pleasant as humanly possible. If I can help patients overcome anxieties about dentistry, I am grateful.
  • Appreciating the strong human connections formed over decades, in many cases, with patients, colleagues and the great team that I work with. Having a strong partnership with our periodontist, Dr. Lorelei Grise, makes our practice fully fledged to meet the vast majority of patients needs.
  • Utilizing my artistic ability to create highly esthetic, and functional along with being conservative restorations that will well serve my patients
  • Always committed to using dentistry’s advances to provide the best solutions in terms of comfort, affordability and durability of my work
  • Establishing a sophisticated organization that is highly efficient and responsive to patient needs both financially and also well-managing their time throughout our interactions such as by strong use of texting
  • Having an office that is well-suited to please patients with beauty and a soothing ambience
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