In recent years dental technology has made great advancements with the use of digital technology. Roseroot Dental has always been at the forefront of dental technology and has invested significantly in digital technologies. This means that every patient of Roseroot Dental receives the benefits of these investments. In particular, digital x-ray offers patients the advantages of:

  • No traditional x-ray exposure.
  • A better, precise, sharp and clear image of your teeth.
  • Immediate viewing
  • An easier way to see minute changes
  • Sharper imaging even under magnification
  • A clear visual aide to understanding your diagnosis and treatment options.
  • Images can be easily stored and emailed to you and other professionals.

Unfortunately, a digital x-ray does not replace the traditional x-ray completely. The level of detail of your deep tissue and dental bone health can still only be seen through the CT scan (computed tomography scan). Because of this, a non-digital x-ray may still be required from time to time.

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