Preventive dentistry practices are for patients of all ages. This means the individual must have a daily routine to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. This includes not only flossing and brushing daily but also visiting your dentist several times a year for a dental cleaning.

Having a proper preventative care program will usually eradicate the possibility of gum disease, cavities and tooth enamel thinning. If nothing else, proper preventive tooth care will allow to keep teeth and gum problems under control and provide a path for reversing occurrences of cavities and gum disease.

Which is Better To Do? Floss or Brush?

I often get asked: “Dr. Roseroot, which is more important to do – floss or brush?”

Well, there is not an either/or strategy here. Each has a different objective – but both together will definitely reduce the harmful effects of plaque buildup.

Here is a very simple explanation: flossing will remove plaque from between your teeth and from under your gums. Brushing, on the other hand, will remove plaque mainly from the visible surfaces of your teeth. So together flossing and brushing are essential to good oral health.

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