Everyone has the problem of keeping their back teeth from being cavity prone. Because these teeth are used to chew, food particles and bacteria easily lodge in every part of their surface. You can greatly reduce the possibility of cavities in this area by simply having a thin protective coating, called a dental sealant, applied to your teeth.

Dental sealants work great with adults and are especially effective with children. Here are some interesting facts about dental sealants:

  • As you know, cavity-causing bacteria live in everyone’s mouth. This bacteria produces acids which literally create holes in a tooth! These holes are cavities and when a dental sealant is applied, the holes created by cavities are filled in and keeps the food bits and bacteria and acid from settling on your teeth. Thereby any advancement of a cavity is reduced.
  • As children turn ages 6 and 12 they get their molars. These molars create the biggest problem for children developing cavities. Applying a dental sealant can keep the child cavity-free.
  • Dental sealants are applied in 3 steps: (1) the dentist must prepare the teeth for the sealant to adhere to the tooth surface. This is done by “roughing-up” the surfaces of the teeth. (2) the dental sealant is applied, and, (3) the dentist will use a blue-light tool to harden the sealant on the tooth.
  • Dental sealants can actually be used over a tooth that has the beginning stages of a cavity. Because the sealant is clear, the dentist can still see if the cavity advances and requires more drastic steps to remove the cavity.
  • Although dental sealants are durable, they still need to be reapplied every couple of years.
  • Dental sealants may or may not be covered by your dental plan. See your dental plan for details or call Roseroot Dental (847) 558-7973 and ask our staff.
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